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About us

Every cut and material is intentional. Every design is created to help inspire. Starbodies engineers premium athletic wear for people looking to do more and be more. We want you to look good and feel good doing whatever activity you enjoy, knowing our cut and sewn clothing has you covered.

  • Our Story

    I started Starbodies to help fuel passionate people, plain and simple. After years of excercising in "regular" athletic apparel, I realized there was so much more the clothing industry could do to help people become the best version of themselves. That's why we put great care in to every cut of fabric, every stitch, and every design that goes into one of our pieces. Everything we do here is to help you Dream, Drive, and Deliver out there.

    - Nick Hebert, Founder

Dream. Drive. Deliver.

Engineered for performance and style

Our Apparel

  • Thermal Stretch

    Thermal Stretch is created from our own special blend of materials to give the fabric a soft and natural finish. The fabric bounces back like a wave with its unique stretch and shape retention qualities. Thermal properties give it a cool-to-the-touch effect and the rib knitting gives the garment a noticeable look and tactile feel. Look good and feel good in or out of the gym with a shirt that enhances the physique with a modern drape.
  • Poly +

    A blend of polyester plus other unique materials gives this fabric a undeniable feel that performs. A modern athletic fit ensures you can move without restrictions while being breathable during intense activities. Keep moving knowing this shirt has you covered.
  • Icon

    A shirt made for going the extra mile. The unique blend of materials makes this fabric suitable for your most intense workouts. If it’s boxing or hiking this shirt keeps you cool and the sweat to a minimal with its ventilated back panel. A slightly slim fit makes the fabric feel like a second skin yet gives you full range of movement with stretch capabilities.
  • Distance

    Starbodies Distance Shorts are specifically made to go the distance comfortably. These shorts are made with our athletic material blend, built for performance.

What we stand for


    Passion is at the heart of everything we do. We passionately create premium apparel for those who are passionate enough to demand the next level.

  • Empathy

    We believe empathy is at the core of our humanity. It’s also at the core of how we build our products - by considering those who will use them. Caring for others is the most passionate act, and this is how we keep our community intact.


    Anyone wearing StarBodies apparel is a symbol of passion to others around them. You know when you see someone in a star bodies shirt, they truly care, just like you do.


    Growth is the goal when we say Dream Drive Deliver. Dream about what life could be like, who you could be. Drive towards that goal with passion and empathy. Deliver, not just for you, but for your entire community, who needs you to be your best self.


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